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Need advise- Roasting chicken and ideal pan..


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Need advise- Roasting chicken and ideal pan..

suebe | Apr 16, 2003 04:11 PM

Here's our situation. We enjoy making roast chicken. However what generally happens is that as the drippings drip into the roasting pan, they burn. Not only does this create too much smoke, there is no good pan dripppings for gravy- just a blackened mess. My partner thinks we should just put ample water in the pan before roasting, but I worry that this will steam the chicken and greatly reduce the end crispness.
I think part of the problem is our roasting pan- its a thin cheapy. We definitely want to buy a good quality pan but again- more disagreements. He wants to buy a non-stick for easy clean up. I want a non non-stick for better frond. So.. in short.. what to do about burned chicken drippings and any specific roasting pan recs? Thanks.

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