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Please advise--grass-fed, -finished whole rib roast


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Please advise--grass-fed, -finished whole rib roast

Fine | Sep 4, 2012 04:42 PM

I rarely (!) make meat at home; however, am roasting a whole grass-fed and -finished "prime" rib (BN) for a dinner party.

In the old days, I always made (corn-fed) standing ribs as follows: garlicked well (tiny slits throughout) 5 lb or under, roasted at 325 F; larger ones at 300. I like quite rare, so about 16 min/lb for big ones, a little more for smaller. Checked w. thermom.

Problem: Neither I nor my mother or grandmother before me ever started roasts in a hot oven. I was happy to learn years ago that it not only was less healthful to use high heat on meat but also shrank the meat. Neither spouse nor I care for that super-browned taste.

If, however, it is essential for some reason to cook a grass-fed roast that way, then I guess I'll have to. I certainly don't want to make my main course for this big-deal dinner party anything less than wonderful!

I also was always taught that salt tends to draw out juices and only flavored outside anyway.

Some recipes I've seen even have one basting the roast, something else unheard of; one of the joys of making rib roast was always that it cooked itself.

I'm hoping to hear from any of you who have experience with this.

My thanks in advance.

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