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Advice for Yeah Deluxe diners, plus good waiter report


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Advice for Yeah Deluxe diners, plus good waiter report

Kujira | Oct 14, 2002 12:42 AM

A while back i wrote a message on Yeah Shanghai Deluxe that was criticized for being too obscure because I implied that if you both cannot read Chinese characters on the Chinese-only menus and are not already familiar with Shangahai cooking it may not be worth the trouble. So today I will try to point out some dishes that might otherwise be inaccessible, at least until they change their blackboard specials menu.

Today I went there for dinner with my husband for the first time in a while and we ordered 2 dishes off the specials blackboard and one from the menu. All were top notch. Plus the thin, skinny waiter with the glasses was especially good. We were going to get the doumiao baozi that we saw advertised on the front window, but the waiter told us the doumiao was a bit hard today. Then the table next to us was all non-Chinese reading peoples and they asked the same waiter what to order. He said to get what we got. This is what we got:

1. mu re ru. Apparently there is not even a Mandarin word for it, much less English. It is a vegetarian dish, and this particular vegetable is only cooked on one way. The Mandarin reading would be ma ? tou. Japanese is uma - ran- atama. as in horse - orchid- head.

For everyone else-- is second from the bottom on the leftmost column of the specials blackboard in the back dining room. $5.95.

2. Modified form of the bean and shrimp dish listed on second from the top of the rightmost column for $12.95. The first character is 'bean'. But we asked for it without the beans.

3. Ham and winter melon soup. from the menu.
The ham might be different from what you are used to, but it is as it should be.

4. Bowl of rice (dont get it if you dont ask.)

5. bought red bean rice cake in fridge section of Kam kuo (Jing guo in mandarin, or Kani kuni in nihongo, on Mott I think) grocery store and ate it at home for dessert.

So if you get to Yeah before they change the specials around on the blackboard, you can enjoy these yummy dishes. (Caveat- the mu re ru might be salty to the American palate. And the shrimp dish oily. This maybe should be left unsaid, but with all the complaints of people on here about Grand Sichaun Int'l saltiness, I though I'd at least mention it...)

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