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Help and advice for start over on new (1 day old) de buyer mineral B fry pan

Cooklearner | Jun 1, 201206:28 AM

Hi All,

New to Chow and any cookware requiring seasoning, but loving the idea of these de buyer carbon steel pan. I apologize beforehand that this is long to read, but I don't know how to make it any more concise without leaving out the details.... So please be patient with me please if you're able to please!

So I got myself the 9.5" mineral B pan and was very excited last night. Got to clean the pan with boiling hot water and nylon brushes and a drop of detergent (forgot not to use it). Then followed the seasoning instruction in the booklet, with grapeseed oil.

From what I've read so far, I must have done something wrong already, as the entire side of the pan is now brown and in one area blue black, with a ring of gold stuck on oil where the top of the oil was. Funnily enough the area which was covered by the oil during the seasoning didn't turn as dark, just only very slightly yellowed. I followed the instruction to the tee. Heating the 1 cm deep of oil for 5 mins, starting on medium low gas heat, then turning it down to lowest gas setting when I saw the side turning so dark.

Undeterred and terribly excited, I proceeded to fry an egg on it, again with grapeseed oil. The egg didn't stick at all until I turned it over and it stuck a bit, but was easily removed from the pan. I then poured boiled hot water into the pan to clean it and then into hot running water, scrubbing with the nylon brush. Wiped it down, only to find some soft gooey material left behind on the cooking surface and many spots of gold 'burnt' oil on the sides of the pan. The soft gooey material was easily moved with a wipe with paper towel and another hot water rinse, but I couldn't remove the spots of stubborn oil from the sides. I thought maybe that's the way it's supposed to be, until I read up more about the cleaning of these pans from discussions here. I think the little spots are what you call crud here?

So I had a disturbed sleep last night thinking I may have just 'runied' the pan first time using and cleaning it.....

Anyways, decided to fry another egg this morning with olive oil instead. BIG mistake, where the egg didn't touch the pan where the olive oil was, it turned dark brown and had the crud forming in no time, as compared to using grapeseed oil. Egg cooked and removed about the same ease as the first time, thankfully.

So I used some vegetable oil and cooking salt to try and scrub the crud off, only to a small extent. So i used the Scitch Brite green scourer to patch test a crud area, which removed it fine but left small scratches and exposed the silver surface underneath. I stopped and used the oil and salt again, warming the pan a little, still the spotty crud's there, not as much. I'm wondering if it's meant to be this hard work?

So I don't want to use the pan for the time being until I get some advice from you all.

Here a the questions:
1. Did I burn the sides of the pan when I first seasoned it? Or is there something wrong with the pan, which I doubt....
2. Was it not hot enought, hence the gold oil line of crud forming where the oil finished?
3. Should I be using a different oil, and if so, what's a good alternative? i know olive oil's not good now for these pans.
4. Have I been using too high a heat to cook the eggs? So far the highest heat setting has been medium at the start then turned down to medium low after the egg finishes its initial sizzling.
5. What should I be doing to stop the crud from forming?
6. How should I best clean the crud off? The scotch Brite green scourer heavy duty? Or non scratch pad with bar keeper's friend? And should I be just cleaning the crud off or just do the whole pan?
7. Should I wipe some oil on the exterior surface of the pan as well after cleaning?

I've a feeling I will need to start over again, so I'd really appreciate any input you have to help me do it better second time round! Cos despite these hiccups, I can already see the great potential this pan has had I know better how to use and treat it! Thank you in advance.

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