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sorenp | Apr 26, 202107:38 AM     84

Hi everybody,

This is my first message on Chowhound, so let me start by saying Hello! and thank you all for sharing your experience and thought in the forum.

I would love your advice and input on getting a new sauté pan (26 or 28 cm / 10 or 11 inches), probably in stainless steel (although I’m open to suggestions). So far, I’ve been looking at Demeyere Atlantis, Intense and Industry and De Buyer Affinity.

I recently re-discovered my love for cooking and decided to update some of my equipment. In addition to increasing enjoyment and improving outcomes, getting rid of my non-stick / teflon cookware is a key objective. I’ve already picked up two Demeyere Proline skillets (9.4 and 11 inches) and fallen completely in love with them. I also picked up a 11 inch Matfer Bourgeat carbon steel pan and a 8.7 inch Matfer Bourgeat crêpe pan. Not in love yet, but they do make some amazing crêpe!

I’ve had a 26 cm / 10.2 inch non-stick sauté pan from IKEA (!) for the last ca. 10 years. I love the versatility of this type of pan. For instance, for preparing a pasta sauce with enough space left to mix in the boiled pasta at the end. Unfortunately, the teflon in this pan is now significantly damaged - so it has got to go.

So far, I’ve been looking at the following alternatives for a new sauté pan:

- Demeyere Atlantis 28 cm/4.8 liter (approx. 300 EUR / 360 USD)
- Demeyere Intense 28 cm/5.7 liter (approx. 280 EUR / 335 USD)
- Demeyere Industry 28 cm/5.7 liter (approx. 220 EUR / 265 USD)
- De Buyer Affinity 28 cm/4.6 liter (approx. 250 EUR / 300 USD)
- Culimat Sauteuse 26 cm/4.5 liter (approx 100 EUR / 120 USD)

I would really love to get your input and perspectives on:

- The benefits and drawbacks of the Atlantis disc-based design vs. the fully clad design of the other pans?

- Any significant differences between the Intense, Industry and Affinity pans, that I should consider?

- Your experience with any of these pans

- Any other pans I should be looking at?

I’m especially interested in how the pans perform, their ability to execute different types of dishes and techniques, and their ease of use. I’m not overly concerned with weight, ergonomics and aesthetics.

(I’m cooking on induction - I’m afraid gas will not be an option in the foreseeable future)

Thank you in advance!

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