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Advice for the Purchase of new Cookware

NicoleJones | Dec 30, 201105:52 PM

Long time lurker, 2nd time poster.

My husband and I are building a new house. I've convinced him to let me put most of our upgrade budget into the kitchen. As a result we're getting some really great new appliances, including an induction range (Electrolux, slide in, with the new wave controls).

I do all of the cooking in the house - my husband will cook a grilled cheese or make Kraft dinner for the kids when I'm not home. He *might* re-heat soup once in a blue moon. I would consider myself a decent cook - learned from my mother and grandmother and then from various ethnic roommates throughout university. Like most people, I have dishes that fail from time to time, but I also like to think that for the most part, I do okay.

The thing is, up until now, I've only ever cooked on gas or electric. We got new pots and pans for our wedding 5+ years ago, but they aren't magnetic. They're also all non-stick - see here: http://www.amazon.com/Anolon-Allure-1...

So we're faced with getting new pots and pans for our new stove. I've read with interest all of the posts about All Clad and the like, as well as Le Crueset and other enameled and non-enameled cast iron.

What I would like is recommendations regarding what pots and pans you would suggest I purchase to make a set. I would like a variety of different things, likely a set of stainless steel and then some add-ons - maybe a 4.5qt dutch oven, and a non-stick pan or two, or?

The range we've purchased has elements that are 10", 8", 7" and 6" in diameter. I understand that I can go up to 1" beyond the stated size and still have the stove top work okay.

Any and all suggestions are welcome - including your favorite brands and the pot or pan you can't live without and why.

In terms of price, I've likely got about $1500 to spend (Canadian) on the basics - and will be able to add non-essentials on in the future.

Thanks in advance!

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