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Advice on our NYC "Fine Dining" Itinerary

ChimRichalds | Jul 9, 201812:20 PM     35

Been lurking around on the Manhatten forum browsing all the great content here that has helped me put together some reservations so far but would love feedback that may help us make some decisions.

My wife and I are going to be in NYC for 5 nights in a couple of weeks, and like all of our other trips, most of our splurge activities involve food of some sort. A little bit about us: we both love eating/trying new food and tend to try to do one or two "blowout" dinners on our trips, usually involving tasting menus and the like. We are looking for an amazing experience centered around food, but we don't like feeling "uncomfortable" in the dining room, so we don't want anything TOO stuffy. We've been to a couple of 3 stars in Paris and plenty of other Michelin restaurants around the world so we know what to expect at those "type" of establishments but have always had a better time when we felt like we could relax and enjoy the show. We are not picky eaters but very indecisive so having the chef pick our courses is always fun for us!

This is our current line-up, in no particular order:

Le Bernadin (Lunch)
THE GRILL or Marea (Dinner)
Trying to walk into Lilia (camping out at the door when they open on a weeknight)
Fausto (Dinner) as a backup for Lilia
Olmstead (Brunch)
Jungsik (Dinner)

Those are the tables we already have booked. We love all types of food but wife is a huge seafood fan so I thought it was be special to take her to Le Bernadin for lunch. Will probably do the 3 course price fixe there. We like lunch at the 3 stars, dip your toe into complete opulence...

We have a concert we are attending near the MoMA so we may want to go to the Bar Room at the Modern that night. Are we missing a lot not going to the formal restaurant and instead choosing the bar? Seems people have really great things to say about the Bar Room.

Maybe this should be another thread in and of itself but my wife has a huge sweet tooth so we are looking at a couple of dessert tasting menu options including Jungsik (if we do that, we will probably replace that dinner res with something else on the same level). Anyone recently done a dessert tasting menu recently? Seems absurd but also sounds like a lot of fun!!

I know this is a novel but would appreciate any insights or additional recommendations the board can provide, thanks in advance!!

Le Bernardin
The Bar Room
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