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Advice on Kosher Catering a Bar Mitzvah

cappucino | Oct 9, 201104:21 AM

Hi all. My son's Bar Mitzvah was a success thank G-d and, although the emotional milestone and his entry into doing Mitzvot as a man was the main focus, the catering proved to be the most stressful component of the entire affair. So, on this eve of another 3-day Chag, I have opted to share my new wisdom instead of cook/bake. To the chowhound team, I am going to focus on the particular hurdles of planning a kosher event. I hope this post passes as acceptable.

Lesson Number 1 and the most important lesson of all: Once you choose your caterer, go with HIS home catering hall. They all have specific Shuls or halls that they deal with regularly as their home base. This will save you a fortune in Hashgacha(kosher supervision fees) and tableware rentals. Trust me. This was one of our big mistakes. We fell in love with a LOCATION and then hired a caterer to cater in it. The cost of renting the location was nominal and the location of the place plus the facilities were exactly what we wanted, but the extra costs made it a financial mistake. If we had gone with a caterer's home base, that is where he keeps a supply of tableware and chafing dishes, etc. and he does not need to charge you to rent them. Also, there are no double Hashgacha/supervision fees. And more. Don't make the same mistake we did unless price is no concern.

More to follow.

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