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Advice on kitchen torch - moved from Home Cooking board

Joyfull | Nov 27, 2009 08:34 AM


Would like to know if any of you have this micro torch and what your opinion might be if if you do?
From the latest Lee Valley Xmas catalog.

I did do a search before asking and found that many of you recomend hardware store torches over micro torches, but I'm a wee bit leery of having a regular work torch in my kitchen as I can be a bit of a clutz at times.
Not always mind you, but theres been times.........

The torch info says refillable with standard butane lighter fluid. Probably a silly question but since I know very little about micro torches, would that mean you could refill the torch with an inexpensive can of butane one buys for lighters, or does it mean you refill it with a more expensive specially made butane canister?

Thanks so much


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