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Need Serious Advice....


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Need Serious Advice....

yomamasan | Jun 23, 2009 07:04 PM

Hi all....

Some may say I'm fresh out of college, although it doesn't feel that way - three years and three career changes can be exhausting. I grew up thinking that I needed to be a doctor, however, failing physics and being truly grossed out by biology classes forced me to rethink that path. I moved on to law - equally as prestigious - but, god, was it boring - not for me. On to film - the classes were fun and the people were cool so I decided to stick with it. I graduated with a degree in a subject that interested me but I felt no true passion for. This parlayed into me quickly changing careers once out of school - going from film production to working at a TV studio to working at a record label. Sure, these jobs sound fun, and they are (most of the time), but it's time for me to give my true passion the weight in my life that it deserves. Knowing that I didn't want to work in a restaurant and not having the opportunity to explore the subject further in school (i.e. no classes offered), it never occurred to me to pursue a career in food. As I'm beginning to realize that it's happiness that matters and not money or an impressive title, I'm doing more research on the food industry and realizing the plethora of avenues that await me out there. This is where I need help, however - I don't have experience in the food industry (aside from cooking like a mad woman at home for friends/family), I don't have contacts and I, therefore, don't have a support system to give me solid advice. Most of what exists already online is flimsy at best. I'm having a hard time finding exactly what awaits me in this vast culinary world. Ideas of food r&d/test kitchens and making cheeses/meats interest me - I also could get behind a grass roots approach to food, working in sustainable farming/farmers market type environments - but what else is there? And possibly, more immediately important - do I need a culinary degree to achieve these positions? If I know that I don't want to eventually work in a commercial kitchen, is bypassing culinary school and acquiring knowledge through experience in a restaurant sufficient? HELP!


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