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Adventurous kids and forbidden foods?


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Adventurous kids and forbidden foods?

AmblerGirl | Jul 11, 2012 03:37 AM

I am lucky, my daughter is nearly three and has been an adventurous eater her whole life (so far, at least, I am sure that could change any minute). We take her out to eat often and she eats whatever we eat. Her current favorite is mussels (she likes to eat "fish that live in shells") but she has had octopus, goat, alligator, you name it. We went out for sushi the other night and got her some miso soup and soba noodles while my husband and I ordered a huge sushi platter, honestly we did not expect her to eat it. Well she must have been captivated by the vibrant colors because she picked up a piece of salmon and ate it, thn proceeded all of the salmon roe and sea urchin/umi from on top of our roles. I thought it was cute and was proud of her for being so adventurous.

I was tellling that story to a friend of mine, and her mother in law chimed in and said that it was terrible I let my daughter eat raw fish and it's completely unhealthy to give raw fish to a child under 7. Of course, that comment has now made me paramoid! Is that true? I looked online and did not really find anything to support that? I want to ensure my daughter stays brave and adventurous but, of course, I do not want to risk making her sick. Has anyone heard this? Are there any foods thathould be avoided by children? I know there are rules surrounding when you introduce food to infants but I simply thought that three is old enough to try anything.

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