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Adventures in accidental homebrewing

Wahooty | Oct 12, 2009 11:08 AM

Okay, as near as I can figure, this is the most appropriate board to post this question. So the other day I found a mysterious, bright red leak/spill in my fridge that had me baffled. The container that was spilled on/around did not contain anything of that color, nor was anything nearby. Today, I opened the fridge and noticed a cork at the front of one shelf. Finally, I put two and two together - I had bought a big bucket of sour cherries a while back, and after freezing the cherries put the leftover juice in an old port bottle and, after trying it out in a couple of experimental cocktails, promptly forgot it was in my refrigerator door. Sure enough, I poured out a little of the juice, and it is now pleasantly fizzy and quite tasty. My question is: to those of you with more home fermentation/brewing experience than I have, is there any reason I shouldn't drink this? It doesn't appear to have any off-flavors or odors, and I can see it making some delightful cocktails, but I have no problem pitching it if there's a chance some nasty beasties got in there with the wild yeast. Mostly, I'm just stunned that all of this happened at fridge temperatures.

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