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Adulterated olive oil


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Adulterated olive oil

sueatmo | Oct 20, 2007 04:54 PM

I was wondering if anyone had read the New Yorker column by Tom Mueller, Letter from Italy Slippery Business The trade in adulterated olive oil. You can find the article at the link below:

The upshot of this article is that large olive oil middlemen in Italy are cutting their product with other oils, and are being prosecuted for doing so. The disturbing thing is, that so many of us buy and consume EVOO at least partly because we have been told it is good for us, for our hearts principally. (Also, it tastes good!) I personally buy light olive oil for sauteing and the green stuff for salads and dipping. I keep it refrigerated to guard against free radicals,

I am sort of steamed that what I am buying and guarding so conscientously might be a fraud, and an expensive fraud at that,


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