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Adding some carbon steel skillets?

CanadianCook | Dec 7, 201708:17 AM

Hello all, this is my first post and thanks for adding me to the group! I am an at home cook that likes to cook as healthy as possible for my wife and two young kids. I have just gotten rid of my non stick teflon skillets that we received for a wedding gift 10 years ago. I have made the move to cast iron and have aquired a few very nice vintage skillets in 10" and 11.5" that I enjoy cooking with. I have also made a purchase of the Tramontina 12 piece tri ply clad stainless steel set which includes both 12" and 10" stainless steel skillets as well as a saute pan. I want to add one or two carbon steel skillets by Matfer Bourgeat but I am in a toss up of what size to choose.

Here is the kicker, at the moment I have an electric coil stove with two 6" and two 8" burners. I have noticed with a big 12" cast iron skillet I can't properly heat to the outside of the skillet with my 8" coils.

So with that being said I have no experience with carbon steel skillets and find their shape with the rounded edges to be quite strange. I have purchased an 8.5" Matfer Bourgeat carbon steel pan and noticed that it flares right down to 6" cooking surface, thats a total of 2.5" just in the rounded flare. I am wondering if this 8.5" skillet is too small for my family of 4? What am I likely to cook in it well maybe an omelette but then again it only has a 6" cooking surface, granted it fits my small 6" burners perfectly but I'm wondering if I should return it and opt for bigger?

I do plan on getting a nice gas range in the future but that dream is likely 4-8 years away when we reno our kitchen. So I am wondering if I should get the 10 1/4" skillet and maybe add the 12 5/8" in the future? Or what about getting the 9 1/2" now and getting the 11 7/8" in the future? Or just grab one 11" now and be done with it?

This skillet will likely be used for cooking stir fry, steak, chicken thighs, eggs, bacon, fish, the will be used as my go to skillets and the cast iron can take a back seat unless I am searing something.

Should I keep this small 8.5" pan, or is it pretty much useless this small?

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