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soypower | Jan 6, 200805:34 AM

Without getting enmeshed in the details, it appears I will be spending a few days in a hotel with only a coffee maker...no microwave, no refrigerator...Going to the grocery store after i arrive is also not possible. so I'm wondering if you can all help me with ideas for products that i can pack with me (and bring on a plane) that require only boiling water...i realize this will not be very healthy, nor very tasty, but believe me, these are the parameters i'm stuck with...i realize i can go to restaurants, but the budget for that is very small (about $20 per day) and i don't believe there are very many fast food restaurants in the area.

so far, food products that require only hot water or no preparation (that can be brought on a plane) include:

instant oatmeal
cup o noodles
instant soup
beef jerky
dried fruit
seasoned roasted seaweed
snack pack tuna & crackers

any other ideas? please help...i'd like not to starve...

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