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When "Add a Topic" does not appear...


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When "Add a Topic" does not appear...

Ida Red | Jun 28, 2006 10:54 PM

I had this problem at work, on a PC, Internet Explorer, where the whole marron heading (except for my name/Log out/Help) did not appear at the top so I couldn't post a new question, I could only "Reply".
Now I am home on my Mac and there's no problem at all.

ChinoWayne said:
Check your browser settings. I use Internet Explorer, and while experimenting yesterday with the settings, I screwed that up on my display of Chowhound. Go to Tools, Interenet Options, Accessibility, make sure the "Ignore colors specified on web pages" check box is NOT checked. By checking that box it wipes out some of the Chowhound stylesheet components.

I will do that tomorrow.
I'm wondering if many people are having this problem.

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