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Add-ins for Home Cured Olives?


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Add-ins for Home Cured Olives?

BananaBirkLarsen | Jan 7, 2012 10:55 AM

I picked several bags of olives this fall and have been curing them in various ways over the last few months. I brine cured the bulk of the black olives and salt cured some of the smaller ones. I water cured the green and half-ripe olives, and then marinaded them in orange and meyer lemon juice (I used a Diane Kochilas recipe that originally called for bitter orange juice, but suggested an orange-lemon mix as an acceptable sub).

The salt cured olives turned out well and the orange-and-lemon olives are so good I can't stop eating them and I'm sending some to family as belated Christmas presents. The brined black olives, on the other hand, are far too salty and somewhat bland. I've switched the brine to a lower concentration to leech out some of the salt, but I want to play around with different flavourings when I move the olives to smaller jars. I was thinking some red wine vinegar would be good, and maybe a bit of fresh rosemary or preserved lemon. I'm hoping to get the black ones good enough to gift as well, though, and I'm a bit lost on what will bring them up to the same level as my orange-and-lemon green olives. This is my first time doing olives so any ideas are very very welcome!

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