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Something doesn't add up

Puffin3 | Feb 29, 2012 08:21 AM

About 50 million americans A DAY! eat at a 'fast food' place such as McDonalds. Supposing that at least half of the hamburgers etc contain a slice of processed cheese that amounts to A TON! of slices. Where are all the cows? Forget the fact that A TON! of people also drink milk where are all the cows? What about olive oil? Where are all the olive trees needed to produce so much oil? Yes I know about the fraudulent labeling. But surely 'some' olive oil goes into even the crappiest olive oil. What about all the truffle oil? Yes I know about the fraudulent labeling but even cheap truffle oil must have al least a drop of the real thing. Or am I being naive?
What about a lot of food items which are being consumed not just in the states but all over the world. There is fresh salmon on the menu in just about every restaurant in the Western world. Where are all the salmon coming from? How much longer can the well known food items everyone eats last before the last fresh wild salmon steak is eaten? When does the fertilizer needed to help grow the silage for what must be millions a dairy cows run out? I guess that would be the same time the crude oil used to make the fertilizers runs out or gets so expensive a quart of milk will set you back fifty bucks.

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