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How To Achieve the Thick Consistency of Peet's In-Store Drip Coffee? [Moved from San Francisco Bay Area board]

Una_Spremuta | Jan 22, 200801:48 PM

I'm hoping a former Peet's barrista would be willing to spill the beans on this one. Because Peet's drip coffee in the store is absolutely different, in terms of consistency - it's thicker, more full bodied, and almost espresso-like.

I've tried a ton of different methods (drip machines, espresso machines, Chemex, French press) but none yield that thick, almost syrupy consistency that you get in a store-bough Peet's. I've also tried grinding the coffee finer, yet that more often than not yields more bitterness than it does body. I've also tried a variety of different waters thinking that that might be the trick. And I've tried all of their variety of beans. Yet, at the end of the day, in the thousands of cups I have brewed, there's still that battle between the minerality of the water and coffee flavor. What I'd like to do is find a way to have the coffee taste fully take center stage, in a more viscous, syrupy way. I'm not looking to make espresso, but for that wonderfully thick middle ground that a good cup of Peet's embodies. Having tried to isolate all of the variables, I can't help but wonder if it's something that they do to the water to give it that heaviness. Any thoughts?

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