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Accused of being too interested in food?

daniellempls | Dec 22, 201109:08 AM

Well, I sit writing this with mixed feelings. My DH and I had a small argument last night, and I was accused of thinking/talking too much about food. This started around being asked to bring a veggie tray to the in-laws for Christmas. I aked DH if we could do a nice punched up lettuce salad instead. And then it went downhill. First he was going to call in-laws to conform this was okay, and I said they are both 'veggies,' was it a big deal? If it was, nevermind, let's just do a veggie tray. And after a minute of DH thinking- he admitted he thinks I invest too much time in thinking, planning and daydreaming about food. This makes me sad- if I have to eat anyway, why not eat something yummy? But I suppose it starts to complicate areas where maybe it doesn't need to- like just bringing a veggie tray for example. Or just surrendering control of the food every once in awhile. Anyone else ever been convicted of 'hounding too much? Coping methods? Where do you compromise? :) I feel almost like I've surrendered my title of proud chef to embarrassed addict.

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