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Acceptable rice varieties for paella?

renz | Mar 13, 2008 07:44 PM

So getting the so-called "paella" rice is not an option for me, with time constraints/transport, etc.

When I went to the fancy food store, I bought carnaroli rice, remembering that one of my books recommended a risotto rice that isn't arborio for paella. Unfortunately, after I get home and check, I realize that the specified variety is vialone nano, not carnaroli.

I don't think I can get vialone nano at my local store, but I know I could get arborio or Goya medium grain, IF my carnaroli won't work.

If anyone with experience can give any pointers, I'd really appreciate it. I'm not trying to stick too slavishly to some notion of "authentic," but I do want to get a nice texture, etc.

Should I make another trip for arborio or the Goya? Will carnaroli be devastatingly inappropriate (we have had some paellas but it's been a while and we are not connoisseurs).


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