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The Absolute Best Broiler Pan

Canthespam | Jul 2, 2011 01:43 PM

I should have shared this years ago. About 15 years ago I was looking for yet another broiler pan, one that was easy to clean and didn't look 100 years old after 10 uses. I saw an ad in Sunset Magazine and called them up, full of questions. The man I spoke invented this pan, and is still selling them via the mail.

He doesn't sell them in stores - I think he said that Williams Somoma (not sure) wanted to stock them, but they wanted to order way more than he wanted to produce. He has them manufactured and works from his home selling them.

I wanted to believe what he told me, and I am so glad that I did. You put a small amount of water in the bottom of the pan to catch the dripping, which makes it so easy to clean. The circular grill top holds quite a lot.

Long story short, I have used this pan 1-3 times a week for 15 years and it still looks like new. I also have one in our vacation home and have given several as gifts.

Fifteen years ago I think I paid $35.00 and they are now $50 plus shipping. He also talked me into the large fork type turner and it too is fabulous - easy to turn who pieces of fish or hamburgers on the pan or on the BBQ.

I spray the grill top with PAM while it is cold. When the food is done, I let it cool for a few minutes, and then put the whole thing in the sink and add hot water and dish washing soap, and let it soak for maybe five minutes and clean with a sponge or a dishwashing brush.

I guarantee you will never buy another broiler pan.

No, I don't work for the company, but wish I did so that I could get them wholesale :-)

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