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What would you take from abandoned pan-Asian restaurant?


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What would you take from abandoned pan-Asian restaurant?

luckyfatima | Nov 23, 2012 02:25 PM

My sister's partner owns a strip mall and one of the tenants couldn't make the rent and abandoned the restaurant, leaving pretty much the entire place intact. The ex-owners of the restaurant cleaned out all of the food and took the decorations off of the walls, but the entire kitchen and front are there.

This has happened to my sister's partner before from time to time since he owns a couple of rental properties and they usually end up having to just throw the stuff out or it gets stored in a warehouse. My sister feels the stuff shouldn't go to waste and wants to have a look through to take some of it for home use.

The restaurant was owned by Vietnamese and served American style Chinese, Vietnamese cuisine, and sushi, so it has paraphernalia from all of those genres of cuisine.

She called me to ask what she should take. I told her most of the stuff is going to be industrial sized, like the deep fryers and stuff. She can also donate some stuff to charity.

Both of us know the inside of Chinese and Chinese-Vietnamese restaurants well since my childhood best friend's family owned such a restaurant and my sister actually worked for their family for a couple of years while in college.

We brain stormed based on our memories of my friend's two family restaurants, and the only cool stuff we could think of were the giant rice cookers, the ladles and stir fry stuff, the woks (my sister says there are tons and tons of woks probably since restaurants go through them fast)...also the plates and stuff. I told her to take the sushi paraphernalia, as well as any steamer baskets if they have any. Also to go for the knives.

It would be a shame for this stuff to just get junked. If you have experience in this sort of restaurant, can you give any ideas on what cool stuff to take so that it doesn't go to waste?

I told her not to take any big stuff, otherwise her place will start to look like some bizarre episode of hoarders packed with Chinese restaurant supplies.

If you know the back of a typical restaurant of this sort, can you give some suggestions?

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