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9.5% Beer - is that Legal?


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9.5% Beer - is that Legal?

SusieGirl7 | Sep 7, 2006 07:29 AM

This weekend, I was at Jon's Market in Hollywood/Los Feliz (it's on Vermont, right below Hollywood) and I was checking out their beer selection. Lots of really cheap beer from Eastern Europe, we're talking $1.50 for a 22 ounce bottle.

But then, I saw a beer from Lithuania - 79 cents for a bottle and the beer was 9.5% alcohol. I've never seen that before. Is anything like that made in America? Is it legal to make it here? From what I found, Guinness is around 6%.

I don't remember the brand at the moment, but the beer wasn't bad. Pretty strong obviously. I felt a bit wasted after my first long sip, but I'm a lightweight. And at 79 cents, I didn't feel bad using half the bottle as cooking liquid for black beans - the scent was heavenly.

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