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I Wish I Could....

al b. darned | Mar 18, 201212:14 AM

In general I am pretty good in the kitchen. My knife skills are better than average, and I can put together a pretty good meal utilizing a variety of cooking methods. But try as I might, there are some things I can't do that "all good cooks" can do.

First, I can't flip food in a fry pan. Other people can flip food in my pans, and have tried to show me how, but I still only flip food out, not over.

Second, dough. Especially dough that has to be rolled, stretched, or otherwise spread out as part of its usage. It always ends up with holes in it.

Third, gravy. Sure, I can get lump-free gravy when I "cheat" and use Wondra, but using regular flour instead results in a 50/50 chance of it being lumpy. Mom always had smooth gravy using regular flour in her slurry, but not me.

So, just between you and me, what "kitchen skills" do you wish you could master, what "lack of skill" are you cursed with, or what did you try to do, only to fail spectacularly?

Note: This is NOT a, "Help Al with these three things" post. Others have torn out their hair trying to teach me these skills. I am untrainable. Besides, there are more, lurking just beneath the surface. This is just a chance for you to come clean without the whole world knowing about it.

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