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8 worst convenience foods....

alkapal | Jun 2, 200808:40 AM

thought you might find some of these "convenience foods" interesting additions to your "must try" lists!


i look forward to musk flavor life savers.

edit: doing more research, i found that this "list" in ifood.tv was mostly taken from paul lukas' book "inconspicuous consumption." http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISB...

an excerpt from a review by jenny boe:

"One of my favorite chapters [in Lukas' book] is "Foodstuffs," which recalls encounters with various odd food items, many of which I can't believe Lukas actually dared to ingest. He describes weird Australian flavors of Life Savors, like Musk ("The initial sensation is extremely sweet, but this soon gives way to something much harder to describe, something sort of like raw meat") and Thirst ("powdered Gatorade mixed with a raw-egg coagulant"). Yuck! And then there's kraut juice, which gets an extremely thorough examination; when Lukas contacted some of the producers of this "cloudy, vaguely brownish-green liquid," they freely admitted that it tastes pretty gross. One employee even admitted he'd never had the guts to taste it. (Lukas himself didn't manage to get it down either, revealing that "one quick whiff was enough to kick my gag reflex into overdrive.") Other items whose questionable edibility Lukas questioned include Guycan Corned Mutton, Blind Robins Smoked Ocean Herring, Pocari Sweat Refreshment Water (from Japan), and the ever-phallic Squeeze Cone Candy." http://www.blemby.com/jennyboe/tripod...

to redeem the time i spent on this absurdity, what's the most horrible "convenience" or "prepared food" you ever tasted or saw on the shelf, but was afraid to try?

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