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Right Now You Can't Get Enough of...


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Right Now You Can't Get Enough of...

ChristinaMason | Oct 12, 2010 02:42 PM

My tastebuds go through phases where I'm absolutely obsessed with something, have it frequently enough to annoy my partner, and then burn out on it. Right now, in no particular order, I'm hung up on:

-steamed petite peas, from frozen, with butter, salt, and pepper
-braised lamb shank in tomato sauce (had it just once and have been preoccupied since)
-chardonnay (keep trying to find a reasonably-priced one with distinct coconut notes)
-port for sipping
-pasta in marinara sauce (mostly because I keep forgetting to buy some anytime I go to the store)

What are you stuck on right now?

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