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7 Layer Dips...

Big Larry | May 24, 200507:48 PM

How tired am I of going to a get together (football game, open house, cocktail party) and the host throwing out a tub of pre-made 7 layer dip and some crap tortilla chips??? The answer....very tired!!!! Even the Costco version is totally lacking in flavor, way too heavy on the tasteless refried beans, and just utter drek. What to do?

Well, this weekend for a little open house I decided to make a couple 7 layer dips (they ended up being more than 7) and was quite impressed with what I came up with.

The first was a 'traditional' 7 layer dip. I made some homemade refried pinto beans flavored with a lot of garlic, chili powder, and cumin. I spread that on a big round platter and covered the beans with a layer of sour cream i thinned with a little milk. I then sprinkled on seeded chopped tomatoes, sliced black olives, sliced green onions (an ample amount of each). This layer I sprinkled with a little red salsa (just to add some salt and bring out the flavors of the vegetables). To this layer I then added cilantro and a covering of shredded jack cheese. I then drizzled a little more red salsa over it all. Finally I topped with a couple diced avocados (the big meaty ones from costco) drizzled with some lime juice, and it was ready to go. Not only was it huge and awesomely fresh tasting, it was also very pretty.

The second dip I decided to get a little 'wild' on. I made some homemade refried black beans (same seasonings as the pinto). I spread a layer of this on another big round platter, and the similarities end here. The next layer was chorizo that i had cooked up and drained earlier. On top of the chorizo i put layers of roasted red and yellow peppers, roasted corn, and roasted red onions. I then added a layer of queso blanco (just plain mexican potted cheese). And i topped it off with sour cream i had cut with the adobo sauce that you get with the smoked chipotle chilis in adobo sauce (they come in cans at mexican markets). Oh my goodness was it grand.

Overall they were both so so so good.

I recommend making your own next time instead of purchasing.

And the taquitos and pozole and carne asada I made for the party were also bomb as well.

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