Not About Food 17

What should he have done?

ddelicious | Oct 1, 2009 06:47 AM

Out for dinner last night with a group in a private room of a restaurant. We were about 10 people, ordering off the regular menu. 9 people ordered soup or salad as an app, and then the main. One person ordered both a soup and salad and main. So, the waiter brought all of the soups together, said enjoy your first course, and left. The people who had ordered salad for apps were wondering where they were. When I checked with the waiter, he was planning to serve the salads as a separate course, because of the person who had ordered both.
I've never worked in a restaurant so am not sure what the standard procedure is in this case. The end result was half the people had to sit and watch the soups be eaten, and then the other half had to sit and watch the salads. Seemed odd. Should he have brought the one person who ordered both the soup and salad at the same time?

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