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You look like you would...


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You look like you would...

pastry634 | Feb 1, 2009 12:58 PM

Hello all. Today, as I was doing my dishes in my dorm's communal kitchen, my resident assistant strolls in with a box of pancake mix and an intention on fixing himself a Sunday breakfast. We get to talking, and he asks me if I like to cook at all (specifically, he asked if I was a "foodie," a moniker I'm not too fond of identifying myself as). Not wanting to sound snobbish at my abhorrence towards "foodie," I responded by saying that I was, and that I love everything food - from cooking, to the restaurant scene, to chefs, etc. After a chuckle, he looks at me and states, "Yeah, you look like you would." I didn't quite know how to respond to such a claim, so I just laughed it off. However, what does that exactly mean? Does anyone else get told that they "look like" they would love the culinary world?

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