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Is it just me??

cleopatra999 | Mar 23, 200808:09 AM

I have been on this board now for about 8 months and I have been noticing a general trend of Edmonton CH being dissatisfied with Edmonton restaurants. Now I am not talking about service, which is horrible throughout Alberta right now. Rather about the lack of good restaurants.

I have to strongly disagree with this. I have lived here now for 4 yrs (from Calgary)and there are still numerous places that we have yet to try that are on my list (ie. unhearof, packrat louie's, normands, pagolac, harvest room, madison's, skinny legs & cowgirls). Let me note that we eat out a fair amount. :)

I will agree that Edmonton is FULL of chains. But lets look at the dynamic of E'ton, it is a blue collar town, that is where the demand. Now if you live in the suburbs and do not like to to drive you are SOL! But head to downtown or University and there is a myriad of good, if not great to fantastic restos for a reasonable price.

I recently posted for a resto in Calgary that would meet these criteria and there were very few responses, it seems there are new ones ALL the time in Calgary each trying to outdo the last and reach an even higher price point. Does this make them better or is it just market value, and what people are willing to pay?

I was thinking through in my mind all the restaurants that we enjoy all the time (with the exception of an off night), the list is pretty long....maybe I am not as picky of a chowhounder as I thought I was. My criteria for a good meal is that it better be better than I can cook at home, and I am a darn good cook!

Italian: Il portico, picolino, tasty tomato, pazzo pazzo,
Asian: Bau Thai, ban thai, hoang long, cha for tea, my jade, nihn kieu, bankok express, sushi ichiban, mikado
High End: Blue Pear, Red ox inn, jack's grill, Sage, Von's
Medium End: manor cafe, cafe de ville, culina, flavors, bistro praha, koutouki, park allen, wild tangerine
Inexpensive: la shish, the dish, high level diner, dadeo's, delux burger bar, suede, garage burger, col mustard's, cafe mosaic, etc. etc.
Breakfast: cafe de ville, culina, urban diner, blue plate diner, new york bagel co, sugarbowl
(and this is just off the top of my head!)

I am not try to make this into a competition b/w Edmonton & Calgary, this is just a general comment (okay maybe a rant) I think our restaurant scene is something to be proud of we have lots of independent local hits that are making original food. Let's support them!

happy easter every body!

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