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5 days in New York / Vegetarian / Plan Advice & Feedback

sobbuh | Jun 14, 201704:22 PM     33

Hi all,

I've got 5 days in NYC coming up. I'm a vegetarian, looking for suggestions on dishes & restaurants / if I'm missing anything exciting / if anything I have listed should be skipped / if anything on my list is a must-go.

What I've got booked:
Indian Accent

Planning to drop in to either (maybe both) Roberta's or Lilia

What I'm considering:

(More Interested)
Kajitsu NYC
Musket Room

(Less Interested)
Nix / Dovetail

Casual Food options

(more interested)
Made nice
Superiority burger
Daily provisions (kruller, breakfast sandwich)
Salavation burger (veggie burger)
Pasta flyer
Chaan Teng
Xi'an famous foods
Gazala's Place
Prince Street Pizza

(less interested)
By chloe
Bamboo room
Double zero
Beyond sushi

Bakeries / etc

Du’s donuts and coffee
Aux Merveilleux de Fred
Dominique Ansel Kitchen
Dominique Ansel Bakery

I like delicious food (who doesn't?) -- modern, rustic, whatever -- and am particularly drawn to things that are difficult to cook at home or would inspire some of my home cooking. I like to try interesting / new combinations or techniques (not necessarily modernist cuisine, but in that realm), but taste is most important.. not too fussy about ambiance or service. I have a preference for new restaurants / younger chefs, but also like established restaurants that do their thing really well (especially if that's ethnic cuisine.. for example, I wasn't too impressed by French Laundry and tend to stay away from more established restaurants that are doing consistently good but not amazing dishes).

I also like trying out newer / more interesting concepts, especially fast casual done well (i.e. I would consider dizengoff, pasta flyer, made nice, superiority burger in that realm).

Thanks in advance.

Indian Accent
The Musket Room
Made Nice
Superiority Burger
Daily Provisions
Gazala Place
Prince Street Pizza
Sweets by CHLOE.
by CHLOE. Flatiron
Beyond Sushi
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