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Do I need a 4-qt saute covered saute pan?


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Do I need a 4-qt saute covered saute pan?

nofunlatte | Jul 25, 2009 03:26 PM

I am running out of storage space (thank goodness for a 2-car garage, but only 1 car!) but I'm jonesing for some new cooking equipment! I've decided to postpone the $700 Musso ice cream maker--perhaps that would be a nice gift to myself next year. But I've been cooking some pretty quality meals with old Revereware, the kind that was still made in Clinton, Illinois, a couple of Staub enameled cast iron pieces (soup pot and 5 qt dutch oven), and some odds and ends (soon-to-be pitched nonstick skillets from my grad school days, plus a 12-in Calphalon "everyday" pan that I use quite regularly). Now, as a singleon, I typically cook for 1 or 2 (me and/or a bf or close pal), but occasionally host smallish dinner parties. Also, I may cook an entire recipe and freeze the extra portions for lunches (as long as it serves fewer than 5 or 6, since I don't want to eat the same thing all the time, even if I space it over a couple of months). So, do you think a 4-qt saute pan would be a good investment? I also have family that visits for several days at a time and a larger pan would be nice to have then. Might a 3-qt be too small? I'd rather err on the side of too large than too small, plus I also want something that will last for a while. Of course, there is always the Musso ice cream machine, which should pack about 50 lbs on me in no time!

Also, could you 'hounds be so kind as to recommend brands? Thanks!

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