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4 Days in Amsterdam w/ food obsessed family

fress | Mar 13, 201007:40 AM

My wife and I will be staying near Brouwersgraacht and Prinsersgraacht at the end of March with three children. The adults are looking forward to a couple of quiet dinners at de Kas and Marius, but we need to keep the kinder happy. We tend to organize our family vacations around food, and find that it is a terrific way to explore a city with children - the treats tend to distract them from how much they are walking...

I have spent a fair amount of time on this board, as well as the very informative sites dutchgrub and spottedbylocals and have determined that the following should make for good destinations:

Cakes: Patisserie Kuyt
Stroopwaafels: Lanskroon
Cheese: de Kaaskamer
French Fries: Yleminckx
Sandwiches: Broodje Bert, Small world, Singel 404

Am I missing anything in those categories?

Categories that I would like more guidance on are

Pancakes: Is Amsterdam Pancakes! the best?

Indonesian: I still have fond memories of rijstafel at Sama Sebo as a backpacker 30 years ago, and would love to share the feast with our kids. But I'm confused as to where to go...Looking for good food, comfortable surroundings, not touristy and not too crazily expensive. Tempe Deloe? Restaurant Blauw? Or should I leave the past alone?

Coffee: Real coffee, not coffehouse "coffee"...Good places to buy beans (we're staying in a flat and will be able to brew our own) or expressos, preferably near where we are staying.

Eet cafe: Cafe de Reiger sounds great for dinner with the kids. Is that a good choice, or do you have another favourite?

Herring: More fond memories, stoked by the delicious imports we get each June from the North Sea here in NYC. Any particular stall we should track down? Is there a particularly good shop to buy herring?

Bread: Fournil de Sebastien sounds delicious, but a bit far from where we are staying. Any recommendations closer by?

Icecream: Always good for a pickmeup when the nth museum of the day proves a bit daunting...Any recommendations?

Thanks so much for any advice you can offer us - and for all the excellent info we've already gleaned. And any tips for things to do w/ our children (ages 17,14, and 9) in town beyond the welltrodden highlights would be greatly appreciated. And I promise to post when we get back!

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