3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm thick copper griddles! Introducing COOKonCOP by TJFrance!

Jirachi | Feb 8, 202110:05 AM     34

I wanted to share with you all, in the last few weeks, TJFrance revealed an exciting new project, COOKonCOP©– copper planchas in 8 series of thicknesses, from 1mm to *8*mm thick (yes, you read that right), made in many sizes, tinned or not, in rounds, rectangles, or squares, for very reasonable prices. Purchase here: https://francelorrainecollection.kneo...

From his website https://www.francelorrainecollection....
"It is absolutely rare to find culinary copper pots more than 4mm thick!
But if you look carefully, you can still find some exceptional copper pots very high-end up to 4.5mm thick .
Among the thousands of copper pots that have passed through my hands, I only once found a 6mm thick oven dish. It was clearly a culinary copper made at the special request of a customer and by no means series production.

So, when we still find thick copper pots today, the concern is that they are often too large pots that are not useful in our kitchens.

I am offering you the opportunity to experience cooking on "sur-extra-fort" copper tinned by hand!

With dimensions adapted to our modern kitchens and on tinned copper of a thickness that even most of the great chefs, all eras combined, have never had the opportunity to experience! 5mm, 6mm and 8mm thick!

Some will say that 3.5mm is sufficient and that beyond that, it does not change anything for cooking.
I will just say that .... it is wrong!

Temperature regulation on 5mm to 8mm copper gives the possibility of very high precision.
So, you will say to me, why no one (or almost no one) has ever made copper pots 5mm and more thick?
There are several reasons, the smaller the pots, the more the difficulty increases to make them in large thicknesses. The work becomes very complicated to bend and form the copper. And this is valid for work by hand as for a machine.
But the biggest drawback is not this reason.

It's all about the weight!

A simple 24cm (9.44 ") 5mm copper saucepan would weigh almost 7kg with its handle.
If we fill it (and not yet completely), say with 3 liters, we reach a weight of almost 10kg (22Lbs)!
Which makes the experience almost absurd. The manipulations become constraints.
Constraints to take the copper pot out of the cupboard, to cook, to move it, to lift it, to clean it, to put it away.
In short, a real culinary ordeal!

So I wondered how we could cook with really very thick tinned copper without suffering all these inconveniences.

And finally, by flexing it well, I told myself that for a lot of cooking, we don't need the walls!
Suddenly, by eliminating the handle and the sides of our 24cm copper saucepan in 5mm thickness, the weight is reduced to 2kg (4.4Lbs)! That's 5kg (11Lbs) less!
So, what can you cook with this "pan base", the COOKonCOP©?

Fried eggs.
Some breads.
Toasted sandwiches.
Cheeses, etc... "

The prices are more than reasonable, and with so many options to choose from in sizes and thicknesses (and he'll do custom, too), don't miss this opportunity to work with copper thicker than you will ever find vintage– ever! and support this small French business during these very hard times for France.

Good day, CH!


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