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what would you do... help

lotsanivanh | Jan 5, 2006 06:38 PM

brief background information: kimchee is the one and only korean restaurant in brooklyn, where my bf and i have recently become regulars (take out/dine in about once a week). we love the food and the service is always friendly. although we're not yet on a first name basis with the owner, he does acknowledge us as regulars and i think even recognizes my voice when i call in an order.

my dilemma: during the holidays i made a reservation for a party of 10 (my family) and should've known better as everything simple becomes very complicated when it comes to my family. i didn't call once but three times to push back the reservation time and each time the staff was friendly and accommodating. then 9pm rolls around, our reservation time, and my family is still not at our house. so i call to see how close they are, thinking they're just around the corner, but they haven't even left my sister's place in nj! so i ended up calling the restaurant to cancel our reservation at the time we should've all been sitting there. i felt so horrible for the huge inconvenience to the staff, embarrassed for the entire situation, and super pissed off because i love this place and am now too ashamed to return although i kick myself now for not calling my family an hour prior to. i did send a letter of apology to the restaurant, but am not sure how long i should wait before i return...

what would you do if you were me? i already miss the food; the craving is definitely there. help! i'd appreciate any input. thanks in advance.

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