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3 days in June - restaurant advice

Betsypaige | Jun 3, 201710:58 AM     24

Hello! I will be in Paris from June 13 through June 22, but will only have through part of Friday June 16 as then I'm leaving for a convention at Disneyland Paris. So, the few days I have in central Paris are priceless to me - as are the meals. I'm staying in a hotel in the 6th and the concierge did offer me recommendations when I asked, but none of them appealed and I think he just suggested restaurants in the area - so, I'm on my own (which I love).

I'm pretty much open to anything. I've done a lot of research and the only thing I really know that I want is that I want to try one of those neo-bistros that have opened up and a traditional one,

So far, for my three dinners, I have:


Chez Denise (though I speak minimal French and I don't eat offal, I DO LOVE a great steak and steak frites...... yum. It also sounds like a really fun experience

I'm at a loss for my third dinner. I have no problems travelling - I can take the Metro or a taxi and it will be light out relatively late, so I'm good.,

I had been thinking of Bistro Paul Bert, but that gets mixed reviews. Chez La Vielle's menu is short - which is fine, but there's not much on it for me, sadly. La Bourse et La Vie looks promising - though I'm not sure I should go out of my way when I only have 3 nights. Plus, I'm hoping to sample Daniel Rose's cooking in NYC at his new restaurant, so...

I'm thinking maybe I should splurge. I do think lunch splurges are a good idea, but I won't have time for that as with only a few full days in Paris, I can't really afford to spend a few hours at lunch.

Mensae has gotten great reviews, but that's a bit out of the way. I've read great things about Alan Geaam - any other recs? I don't drink wine, so there's no concern about price in that regards.

As to lunch, pretty much it depends on where I am. I'd love to try L'as due Fallafel and Breizh Cafe - and THIS trip, I fully intend to go to Monmartre, where in several visits to Paris I've yet to get to (sigh). I will continue to research, but any recommendations for that area?

Thank you so much in advance. Paris is my favorite place in the world (as much as I love NYC, which is my home city) and I'm so happy to be returning.

Breizh Café
Alan GEAAM Restaurant
Bistrot Belhara
L’ecailler du bistrot
Chez la Vieille
La Bourse et La Vie
L'as du Fallafel
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