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It's here, it's now, it's 24 hours of chow (First Annual Chow-Around-the-Clock)

Vital Information | Feb 28, 200209:47 PM     21

Well, for many, many months, the idea has been percolating around this board to do something really, really stupid. Start eating at 12 noon on a Friday and do not stop eating until the sun has re-emerged to the same spot in the sky the next day. 24 hours of chow!!

We have a date and a committment so there is no heading back. Be there on April 5th to participate. And remember, as so strongly implored by a chowhound who shall go nameless for now, you do not have to stick through whole quest.

But if you come, you will be expected to pay a nominal fee. A minor tribute that will go towards buying good will for chowhound.com. In addition, we are expecting to get some forms of sponsorship from generous admirers, along the lines of $__per hour chowed, etc.

Your other out of pockets will be roughly in your control. For instance, if you choose to order an italian beef sandwich, an italian sausage sandwich sandwich, and an italian sausage/italian beef sandwich from Johnnies for sake of completeness, well that's your coin.

On the other hand, depending on the final itinerary, there may be some "group" costs. The most obvious item may be certain taxi expenses. Me, I am pushing hard for a visit to the Division Street Russian-Turkish baths for a mid-venture de-tox, that would force $21 out of people to use the facilities. Also, it has been strongly suggested that we visit a local racetrack either Maywood or Sportsman/Hawthorne. Even if you do not gamble, there is a small admission fee.

More details will follow, but suggestions and comments are fully solicited. Nothing is set in stone except the date. As you may notice, this particuliar weekend ends with the start of daylight savings time. Which means, of course, an extra hour of recovery time.

Be there or be square!


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