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Over 21 peer drinking pressure?


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Over 21 peer drinking pressure?

DarthEater | Oct 12, 2007 05:40 AM

Look, I'm an adult. I'm over 21. I know what my body can and cannot handle. Its not even the drunkage issue. I simply can not process the alcohol without my entire body going crazy and It runs in my family. So why why why am I always being pressured to "Have a glass, relax." even after numerous denials? And don't give me that look or act to be personally insulted when I do. You would think adults listen? Do I have to take a glass, be evidently poisoned to show you? Does one have to eat a peanut to show their peanut allergy??? They will continue to pressure at every event. Yes the same ones! Does anyone else go through this? How and what is the best ways to handle this?

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