Need 20 qt stockpot


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Need 20 qt stockpot

BFcook | Dec 19, 2012 12:03 AM

Hi...I need a 20 quart stockpot. I've got All-clad and LC in all sizes and shapes, but nothing approaching 20 quart. Largest I have is a 12 quart all-clad multi pot. Anyway, I need this 20 quart to be able to make large batches of chicken stock

Does anyone have any recommendations? I really don't want to spend much money at all. It will only be used occasionally, for just one purpose.

I saw in Target yesterday a 20 quart, Imusa tamale steamer. $21. How can you beat it for that price? It was aluminum, really light and thin. Didn't see any reviews about it on line

Called Imusa today, asked if there is any reason it can't be used as a stockmpot in addition to steamer. Very helpful woman said it can absolutely be used as a stockmpot. She said don't use at very high heat as that will cause coloration on the bottom. I said will only put on higher heat to heat the water,,,once at a boiling point, would turn it down significantly. She said shouldn't be a problem.

Any comments or input please?

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