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I need help on my 2 year old cast iron wok

ictown775 | Mar 21, 201010:58 AM


I bought my cast iron in the SF area (the wok shop). I purchased a 16'' traditional cast iron wok.

I washed the wok vigorous before seasoning to get the rust film off the wok.

and I have had problems with it for the last two years. I could never get my wok to get to that bronze-black patina color nor its shiny state. Each time I've used it, the seasoning just comes off (I've only been trying to cook fatty foods on the wok)

I have the instructions from the wok shop how to season the wok. I tried the stovetop method (with Crisco oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, Crisco shortening, palm oil, and other suggestions Tammy gave me through email). In the booklet it states doing 450 for 20 minutes, I have done that along with several hours in other attempts.

In addition oven seasoning method was used, I have tried using 450 degree to 550 degree temperature in the oven. I do place the wok upside down and when it stops smoking it let it cool and I wash with water and dry, and then season it again.

Tried using a grill my cousin's recommendation, (btw each of those attempts I made the wok slate clean, removing all seasoning).

I also have a butane burner, and I tried to season with that, still no go...

My first attempt when I tried to season the wok, after I finished all the coating, it was very sticky and tar-like, and I knew that wasn't good (took organic chem the previous semester).

Other than that, when I try to cook fatty foods such as beacon or coconut oil, it seems to cook fine but later on in the middle of the cooking, the seasoning comes off at the bottom and the temperature isn't even that hot to the point of removing the seasoning. Using different methods and sources, I tried seasoning the wok at least 8-18 hours. Also fyi, I've only rinsed the wok, never used soapy water to clean the wok after cooking.

I used carbon steel woks, and so far I had much more success with that, seasoning on carbon steel is much more a breeze, although it wasn't my carbon steel wok.

The first two pics was last year the first attempt of seasoning the wok

Last two pics are recent seasoning I tried to do, I was able to get it non tar-like but it still has the smudgy look.


That link above, it seems that person bought the same kind of wok at the wok shop as I did. And his wok seems to work fine and as you can see, my wok hasn't been able to get that kind of patina nor as ones in youtube.

So after this long 1st post, do you guys/gals have any suggestions what I can do.

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