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2 Weekend successes


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2 Weekend successes

applehome | Jun 28, 2004 10:52 AM

"Beer-can" chicken:
Went to the site recommended by norm (see link below) and bought a Willie's Chicken Sitter. Used broth with rosemary, thyme, garlic instead of beer. Dry-rubbed with my standard rub (onion powder, paprika, salt, etc...) Put it in the smoker for a couple of hours, then transferred to indirect grill at about 400 to finish.

Very good chicken. Good smoke, very moist. Thumbs way up for the Chicken Sitter!

Beef short ribs chili:
Dry-rubbed 3 large cross-cut short ribs and smoked at the same time as the bird. Next day, started early, and sweated onions and chopped garlic, put in the cut short ribs, added tomato sauce, can of chopped tomatoes. Spiced with peppers: black, white, cayenne, paprika, and some nice ancho chile powder. Some bay leaves. Transferred to crock pot and simmered for 3-4 hours.

De-fatted (lots), removed bones and all meat - cut out the sinew, chopped up the good meat and put back in. Added can of pinto's, can of garbanzo's, can of whole tomatoes (squished - love that tomato squishing). More spice, esp. that ancho. Served with chopped raw onions and a bottle of Cholula sauce.

Great chili! I need to learn to use whole dried chile's. I think there's nothing to it - just heat in a pan, deseed/stem, throw in blender or processor and treat the same as the powder I use today. Do people with some experience with powder vs. whole dried have any suggestions?


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