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Does anyone have a 2-volume, 1981 Gourmet Cookbook?


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Does anyone have a 2-volume, 1981 Gourmet Cookbook?

nooodles | Apr 16, 2006 10:25 PM

I found a 1981 leather bound, gilded, untouched 1981 2-volume set of Gourmet Magazine's cookbook. It just says Gourmet Cookbook: Revised Volume II. No editors are listed, and the publisher is Earle R. MacAusland.

Flipping through, I became completely enamored of it. First of all, the number of glossy color photos in it is impressive before factoring in the fact that the book is 25 years old. There is a huge number of recipes, and of course some of the photos are great for nostalgic reasons.

I decided to get it because there is a fun combination of things no one today would consider gourmet (a whole steamed head of cauliflower covered in white melted cheese, topped with Planter's peanuts) and classic recipes that have never gone out of style (crepes flambe).

Does anyone have this? Is it a good cookbook or just a fun piece to have on the shelf?

One thing I noticed was the recipes are very short. The cookbook is not set up like cookbooks today, in which there is usually a title and photo page, list of ingredients, and several paragraphs of steps. Instead, the recipes are just short paragraphs that list ingredients and basic steps as you go along. So you'd have to read through the recipe and write down your list to go shopping. Not a problem, since I always read a recipe first. Just interesting.

Thoughts? Even if no one has this, an idea of how good Gourmet's recipes were back in the late 70s and early 80s would be useful. TIA.

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