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2 more RW meals

Joanie | Aug 31, 2005 07:54 AM

Well, I seem to be having worse luck this round with RW than in years past. Something annoying or wrong has happened at every meal. Fri. was Via Valverde in the north end and even tho it wasn't super crowded, we had to ask for water refills, and ask for bread, but we didn't get olive oil like others we noticed later on. They had a bottle of wine on the table that they said was their special RW offering, $45 instead of $60. One friend distributes wine so he decided to get a bottle, but he heard the waiter say $25. He was complaining about it later on, not psyched even at $25 and the other 3 of us told him, uh we think it was $45. When we mentioned the orig. $60 price tag, he said it was a crime. Sorry I can't tell you what it was except it was red. In any case, they did theirs slightly differently with an app., a pasta and entree. You had to pick one of two pastas to be served to the whole table and that was the best course I think. Linguine w/ rock shrimp & broccoli rabe, it was good. Two of us got mussels and the broth wasn't the most exciting. Two got carpaccio and were happy with it. 3 of us had pork for the entree and mine was overcooked and hard to cut. It was tasty enough but the chicken w/ crispy prosciutto was much better. Salmon was the 3rd choice, yawn. We walked thru the north end festival after and I got a cannoli to carry back on the motorcycle (1st ride of the year). The space is nice but it was just okay.

Last nite we had an early res. at Caffe Umbra in the south end where you had choice of the menu with just a couple surcharges on the app. list and one on the scallop entree. Of course, that's what I really wanted and I'm not sure what about those scallops required a surcharge. They weren't the super big ones or anything. In any case, we started with a glass of red wine and a peach sangria which was refreshing but probably not the best drink to have with that kind of dinner. Nice rolls and butter. My cold corn soup with crispy leeks was very good. Friend got mussels and they came in a small bowl without much broth. Didn't taste them. She had salmon and gave me a bite without the skin which I think might have given it some more flavor. It seemed really bland and the potatos with it were dull too. The scallops I got were grilled and that taste of char-ness overpowered them. The corn "risotto" was delicious, altho there wasn't anything risotto about it that I could tell. Also roasted scallions and some mushrooms, the sides were better than the scallops. My friend could have used another glass of wine but the waiter didn't really come back in time. And it took forever to give our dessert order. They only have about 5 choices, she got the super duper choc. mocha thing and got a coffee which came in a nice individual press type thing. I picked the toffee cake or whatever it's called. That was delicious but it was a tiny piece with a dab of whipped cream that I ate in 2 seconds. Then I saw the girls next to us get theirs with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. What the heck? We didn't bother saying anything and just got out of there as it was very loud and busy. I've got one more dinner on Fri. that hopefully will somehow redeem the other 4.

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