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1st Annual CiaoHound Pizza Slice-Off


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1st Annual CiaoHound Pizza Slice-Off

galleygirl | Oct 7, 2002 08:06 PM

The time has come for chowhounds to finally resolve the eternal question; which is better, Regina's or Santarpio's?

To settle this, we announce the First Annual CiaoHound, (or Cane Mangiare) Pizza Slice-Off!!

At high noon, on Saturday , October 26, hounds will assemble at Santarpio's in East Boston, to begin their quest for the Holy Grail of Dough and Tomato sauce....We will share whole plain pies at Santarpio's, then head on to the North End portion of our trail. Getting off the T at Haymarket, we will first stop at the much-vaunted Haymarket Pizza, for slices. Singly or shared, we should be able to cover a huge selection of their traditional favorites...Next, it's a quick walk down Salem Street to Ernesto's Old World, where the by-the-slice permutations are endless, and a pack of hounds to share with will once again enable us to better experience pizza in it's many guises...From there, it's another few blocks to the original Pizzaria Regina, where we will once again share plain pies, the better to compare and contrast head to head, in one day, with the same group of taste buds, the two Kings of Boston Pizza!

"How can I possibly eat that much pizza?", you say...That's the beauty of crawling with a pack; a small slice at Santarpios, a small slice at Regina's, and shared slices in between--it's maximal taste experience for a minimal investment in digestive-organ real estate! Of course, if you WANNAH have more slices, no one's gonnah stop ya!

You can park at the start or finish, for out-of-town hounds, and easily do the rest by foot and T, guided by our loyal band of know-it-alls...Just show up, and 9Lives will make sure you don't get lost. Plus, a commemorative map of the crawl, as well as key North End food vendors that have been discussed on these very boards,(designed by Galleygirl) will be provided, to guide you in your post crawl activities..(Of course, you'll wannah stock up on treats while you're there...)

Why are we doing this? needs money to pay the server bills, and a paltry donation of $10 from all the participants will aid in the ongoing crises! In addition to the keepsake map, your $10 gets you one vote in the final election, and Yumyum guarantees no hanging chads..(We will, however, not be averse to stuffing the ballot box for additional $10 bills....)

But wait, there's more!! For those of you whose stomachs STILL have room, Limster will lead a post-pizza cannoli-crawl to the "3M's" of sugar-laden fame, Mike's, Modern and Maria's....Beat that, why dontcha!!

Who's in? RSVP to the board, or email

This is a private, volunteer assisted event. No agency relationship,
express or implied exists between any parties and Chowhound, Inc. This is not a Chowhound, Inc. sponsored event.

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