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1989 drink or not?


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1989 drink or not?

JoCreek | Jul 9, 2003 05:40 PM

I recieved a 1989 Chateau Doisy-Vedrines for my birthday Monday. I was looking forward to pairing this with the fois gras and duck breast's I have stashed in my freezer, for my birthday dinner I'm planning for this weekend. I am a Sauterne virgin however and have limited knowledge of wines. We drink wine with dinner every evening and try our best to pair the right one with whatever is on the menu for dinner. We stick to budget wines and Reds about 98% of the time, only splurging for special occasions. My husband only likes Red. I however have been experementing more with whites when the occasion permits,in resturants with a wide selection of by the glass choices.
I had a wonderful fois gras dish at Charleston Place recently paired with a Tokay Aszu. Wow! It was stunning to me how these two complemented each other.

So I was very excited to recieve the Sauterne from my husband for my birthday so I could experiment at home pairing this with different dishs. I get to drink the whole bottle by my self by the way since he hates whites.

I have been researching this wine on the internet since Monday. To my dismay the experts say the 1989 should be laid to rest for awhile!

My question then is, will it make that much difference to my humble, wine experience, taste buds to drink this now or later?
Will I be drawn and hung by the wine police for disrespecting such a fine specimen?
Sould I just buy a less expensive Sauterne to try first?

I should add, we don't have a wine celler, although I could put it in my air condtioned closet. Which brings up a whole nother question do you know when it's ready?

Still learning, thanks for any advice.

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