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What, If Anything, to Have with a 1971 Gewurztraminer Beerenauslese?

therealdoctorlew | Aug 21, 201104:43 PM

With my 40th wedding anniversary coming up, I searched the older corners of my wine cellar (cardboard boxes on shelves in my basement, but, hey, I can dream) and found a bottle of Niersteiner Pettenthal Gewurztraminer Beerenauslese (Weingut Louis Guntrum). It has only a 1/2 inch of ulage, a tiny throw of tartrate crystals, and has not turned brown or cloudy, so far as I can tell through the brown bottle glass.

Both my wife and I are fond of sweet wines and gewurztraminers, and we make a fancy meal for ourselves on our anniversary.

So, the question comes up: Usually I choose a wine based on the meal, but with this bottle and its perfect vintage date, I should match the food to the wine. What to do? Have it as an apperitif and as dessert and not pair it with food? Make a dish to fit with it? Or two courses? Seafood? Veal? Fruited chicken? Spicy? Savory? Our tastes and cooking skills are eclectic and extensive.

It's not a type of wine usually found in standard or even fancy wine and food pairings, so I am sort of floating free here.

Any ideas? Even better, any experiences with a similar wine?


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