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17 year Cicadas coming soon - how to cook?


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17 year Cicadas coming soon - how to cook?

Cathy2 | Mar 12, 2004 09:46 PM


We are approaching that time again, the emergence of the 17th year Cicada in May.

On the last occasion, there were cicada pizzas, cicada candy, cicada stir frys, toasted cicadas ... but I only learned they were edible rather late in the cycle. I have been assured a well prepared cicada tastes rather nutty.

We have two months to prepare ... what advice either factual or anecdotal can people offer.

There are specialized journals for just about anything, so why not eating insects?
If you scroll down, there is an article on the last 17th year invasion in Chicago including recipes reprinted from the Chicago Sun Times!

I just found a recipe for soft shell cicada's at:

Soft shell cicada's are also referred to as Cicada Ghosts and are considered ideal for stir frys:

The empty shells of the Cicada may be dipped in chocolate and eaten:
Though I would limit my consumption as an excess of chitin, which your stomach may not be able to successfully digest, may cause stomach upset.

Of course, if you want to suggest Cicada but not cook an actual Cicada, then you may want to consider making these shrimp and mushroom dumplings where you are advised to shape them like a Cicada:

Feeling like stretching the envelope? Why not try the toasted grasshopper chocolate chip cookie at the bottom of this website?

Of course, I could go on and on. However, I'd like your input on edible insects. especially our pending Cicada invasion!



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