14" stainless fry pan recommendations


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14" stainless fry pan recommendations

cannibal | Nov 2, 2010 12:41 PM

If Tramontina made a 14" pan this post would likely never have shown up :)

I am looking for a good stainless pan for around $100, I did a search on this site and could not find much covering this topic. I am looking for recommendations of specific pans and if possible, why you would recommend that pan would also be appreciated.

I have a couple restaurant supply stores near me but the hours I work I tend to get there about 5 minutes before they close. That limits the time I have to get a feel for the pans, but if I have some brands/models to look at going into the store it would give me more time to make a decision.

I am looking for this size in stainless because I want this pan for deglazing with wine, etc. and don't want to do that with my carbon steel pans.

I am also on the fence about the pan size for stainless, I might be better off with a 12" stainless fry pan and get the 14" mineral de buyer pan for the really big tasks...but that seems like a really heavy pan and I don't think the mineral line has the helper handles.

I did find a Danesco 14" fry pan for about 80 dollars on amazon but I do not know anything about this brand, and searches online for reviews were fruitless.

I would prefer to buy something once, so if I need to adjust my target budget then I'll just have to man up and pay more for quality cookware.

any and all information/recommendations are greatly appreciated :D

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