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12/08 My Method for Efficient Cookie Forming


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12/08 My Method for Efficient Cookie Forming

opinionatedchef | Dec 21, 2008 04:42 PM

There is now a Chow Tip video that teaches using a cookie scoop for making cookies. I completely disagree that scooping is the best solution. After 40 years of thinking inside the box about this issue, I have broken through the box walls and developed an alternate technique. I am always looking for the most efficient way to do things and here is what i have developed for cookies. You may think it 'takes the fun out of it' but I enjoy being efficient and I like exercising my math mind.
I came up with this because I always make a large cookie batch so I can freeze extra dough for the future.

This method is really very simple and once you try it, it's easy to incorporate into your routine:

Roll 10 balls of cookie dough to your ideal size. Weigh them and figure their average individual weight. Note how many would fit properly on your fav. baking sheet and multiply that number by their individual average weight.( For many of my cookies, that total weight is 13 oz.)
Now weigh out that amount of dough and ,on a piece of saran, pat it into a rough rectangle about 1/2-1" thick, and wrap up in saran. Chill at least an hour. Follow with rest of dough.Freeze whatever you're not going to use now.

After chilling, open the saran and mark and cut the cookie dough rectangle into a grid to yield your ideal number of cookies. Let the dough soften a bit, and roll into balls. A tiny bit of adding to or taking away may be needed to get them sized equally. Arrange them on your sheet and bake!

This technique is much more efficient than scoop and release, or scoop and release, and roll etc. And with this method, you can know how many a package will yield, so make and defrost accordingly!

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